JF Series (Front Terminal Battery)
JF Series (Front Terminal Battery)
Front Terminal Gel Battery
Front Terminal Gel Battery

JF Series (Front Terminal Battery)

JF series Front Terminal Battery is specially designed for telecom applications, floating charge design life can reach 10 years. It adopts a special paste formula to improve battery charge acceptance. By stable performance and good consistency, it is a type of reserve power battery suitable for the application of outdoor telecommunication and other backup power supply. The design of a long &narrow structure and front terminal make it easy to be installed and maintained.

Specification of JF Series (Front Terminal Battery)

ModelNominal Voltage
(Ah)LengthWidthHeightTotal HeightKgLbs

Characteristic of JF Series (Front Terminal Battery)

  • Valve Regulated design, no free liquid electrolyte, Maintenance-free

  • Designed floating service life: 10 years @ 25˚C

  • Operating temperature range: -15˚C -35˚C

  • Special lead plaster and gel electrolytes for improving battery charging performance

  • Self-discharge rate ≤ 3% / month

Application of JF Series (Front Terminal Battery)

  • Telecom power system

  • UPS system

  • DATA center

  • Solar power

  • Wind energy

  • etc

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